Famous for its beautiful Châteaux combined with a relaxed pace of life, a mild climate and vintage wines, let you drift in the Loire Valley current. The sensation perceived is the real taste of the “Douceur de vivre”.

From a local market to the secrets of a Michelin starred chef, enjoy the best of local Gastronomy. Let the time transport you while visiting fortress, gardens of Kings of France and “Grand Crus” cellars for a total immersion.


Listen to the stories of King René or Eleonor of Aquitain, enjoy the 3rd largest wine region of France and discover the friendliness of its inhabitants.

Experience Loire Valley with its outstanding cultural landscape, its great architectural monuments and great interaction between their population and the river Loire itself.

On the banks of the Loire, the well-kept secret caves of “tuffeau” are now days remarkable wine cellars. The Loire Valley is brimming over with ideas of getaways like its legendary river listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.